Are you in your 50's and 60's?  Ready to feel better in your body and move freely?  This is the place for you.  We have specific stretching and exercises designed with you in mind (no kettle bells!) so you can be more flexible and do the things you love - golfing, hiking, biking, walking, having fun!

Our joy is to help you embrace total health in your life now.

Easily and with more fun!

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Functional Fitness

Our fitness videos are all about making your muscles strong and lean. Functional fitness is the key to a strong core and good balance.  We want you to be active and strong all the years of your life.  Doing what brings you joy.

Weight Management

Our weight management course is perfect for every person - whether you want to lose a few pounds, or maintain a healthy weight, or establish a healthy relationship with the food that nourishes you.

Aging Well

Our most popular videos and webinars are all about how you can LIVE a long and healthy life.  Avoid common disease states, take the best care of yourself, and re-define what aging is.

Online Clinic

Don't live in Portland, OR?  No problem, you can set up an appointment on-line or by phone. 

Dr. Christine, is a clinical pharmacist and specializes in movement, aging well, and hypnotherapy.  Deb O'Connor specializes in Energy Medicine.  

To schedule your on-line or phone appointment click HERE and you will be contacted via email.

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Take charge of your health in a holistic way. Balance Eastern and Western practices for your best benefits with functional fitness, energy medicine, stretching and so much more.


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