All About The Booty!

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

I love working out in a group.  I go to this great fitness class 4-5 times a week and always enjoy the community of women (and a few men) who are there.  We always work really hard and sweat a ton.  I noticed the other day, when I was at the back of the class and we were all holding a functional crescent lunge, trying to catch our breath after that cardio blast while your legs are on fire…. It is all about the booty!  I mean really.  At the back of the class I had a great view of everyone’s derrières.  Lots of shapes and sizes and fabulous for each individual—pushing them forward.

Now many people have come to be for functional movement and flexibility training sessions and they all know I’m all about the booty.  But I think life is all about the booty too.  You want your feet in front of you and your booty behind you.  It is the powerhouse of the body and is meant to propel you forward on your path (literally and figuratively –pun totally intended).

The way you move and the way you live totally shapes your booty.  Are you a sitter?  A runner? A walker? A mover and shaker?  Or just starting to be a mover and shaker?  All the ways that you live your life are so evident in your booty – its shape, strength and how it functions.

And isn’t that so true of life.  Your inner thoughts and your inner struggles are a completely reflected on the life that projects out in front of you.  Are you on your path?  Of course!  But is your path smooth and easy to follow or are there hurdles and blocks and boulders to traverse.  If your inner thought life is full of negativity, self-doubt, and holding on to the past – how can your path be smooth? 

There is an interesting idiom “Forgive and Forget”.  Often, we say we forgive someone, and sometimes we really do. But do we really ever forget?  In this age of information overload and internet, there is always a trace out there of the offense.  I looked up “forget” and this is what I found: forget is to intentionally disregard or overlook.  Intentionally.  We must be vigilant and intentionally put those thoughts and offenses out of our mind to truly be able to get over something and move on.  Each time it comes to our memory or conscious thoughts we must intentionally choose to put it aside and focus on something else.

Form and function, they go hand in hand and are so like the chicken and egg.  We don’t know what comes first…and really it doesn’t matter because the whole cycle is so intertwined and imperative for life.  You want a life that functions and is beautiful and positive?  Then you have to start living NOW like it already is.  If that is hard to do, just imagine it and practice imagining it.  What would your life be like if you ALREADY were surrounded by the beauty you seek or had the joy and abundance you know you are entitled to?  Imagine it and make it happen!  You can do this.  Intentionally overlook the old function and old form, and adopt the new positive path forward.  Call it forward by thinking on the goodness all throughout the day.

Just like in the exercise class, the booty is behind you.  The more you move your life forward with strength, positivity and functionality, the beautiful form with follow you… because it is all about the booty!


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