What is the goal?

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2018

What is the goal of this life?  Depending on what radio station, TV show or on-line ad is blasting you right now, it could be to buy any number of things or maybe take a vacation or maybe start a new career.  But really, our soul is meant to be One with the Universe.  Whether you call that God, or Spirit, or Energy, each and every one of us wants to connect.  We want to connect to each other and most especially connect with that great creative force that turns this earth, nourishes all creatures and is infinite love.  Being separate from this force and from this love is why I think we are all suffering so.  It is time to be goal-focused and figure out how each and every one of us can connect to that creative force.

What do you do that makes you feel creative?  Is it cooking, singing, gardening, painting, writing?  Or something more?  Tap into that.  That is first step in being connected.  In being One with that Spirit and connected to what nourishes your soul.

Today I made a two course breakfast with music be-bopping me along.  I feel so uplifted to make something nourishing and beautiful and satisfying.  What can you do today to feel creative?


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